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Neftesib reports data of the Financial Statements under IFRS for Q2 and H1 2017.

The revenues from sales for Q2 2017 made RUR 53,371 mln and decreased by 8% against Q2 2016. Such decrease was caused by the reduction in the crude oil sale price. The revenues from sales for H1 2017 made RUR 111,410 mln and increased by 7% against the similar period of 2017.In Q2 2017, the taxes, except for the income tax, grew by 9% vs. Q2 2016 mainly due to the MET rate increase and were equal to RUR 25,970 mln. In the first half of 2017, the taxes, except for the income tax, increased by 37% against the first half of 2016 and made RUR 55,186 mln; such increase resulted from the MET rate increase.

Neftesib over-fulfilled the oil production plan in 2016.

In 2016, 31 new oil production technologies with the economic effect of RUB 259 mln were tested at Neftesib license areas. Within implementation of the energy-saving program, OAO Slavneft-Megionneftegaz, the Company’s main production enterprise, managed to significantly decrease the specific power consumption. Introduction of the energy-saving solutions allowed the Enterprise saving 146 mln kWh, or RUB 385 mln. In the reporting period, 262 new wells were drilled at Neftesib’s fields; the production drilling progress made 1,063 ths meters. In 2016, the volume of associated petroleum gas (APG) production achieved 1,065 bln m3 and exceeded the planned indicator by 34 mln m3. At year-end, APG utilization at the Company’s fields increased by 1.5% and was equal to 89%. It is planned to increase this indicator up to 95% by 2020.

Neftesib confirmed the high rating of management quality.

In December 2016, the RAEX rating agency (Expert RA) confirmed the A+.gq management quality rating for Neftesib. This assessment means the Very High Management Quality Level and has been assigned to the Company since 2015. RAEX experts highlighted arrangement of the activity of the Board of Directors and its committees, as well as arrangement of the activity of Company’s executive bodies among the positive aspects of Neftesib’s management practice. Besides, the Slavneft financial results, effective risk management and high level of Company’s information transparency had a positive impact on the expert opinion.

Neftesib increased C1 oil reserves by 26.3 million tons in 2015, reserves replenishment made 170%

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Neftesib produced 15.5 mln tons of crude oil in 2015

In 2015, Neftesib’s Enterprises produced 15.5 mln tons of crude oil and over-fulfilled the Business Plan by 135.5 ths tons. Replenishment of the Company’s hydrocarbons base exceeded the actual crude oil production by 1.7 times. Oil production decline rates significantly reduced due to active application of advanced oil recovery enhancement methods. In 2015, the associated petroleum gas (APG) production volume achieved 915.7 mln m3 and exceeded the planned indicator by 38.2 mln m3. APG utilization increased by 5.2% against the previous year and made 87.3%..

Neftesib increased the audited hydrocarbon reserves

Neftesib’s audited proved crude oil reserves, which were calculated under the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) LOF (life of field) methodology, made 1,797.4 mln bbl as of December 31, 2014. The Company’s proved commercial oil reserves increased by 150.4 mln bbl, or by 9.1% vs. 2013. Neftesib’s gas reserves under SEC LOF achieved 365.2 bln cu ft and exceeded the previous year indicators by 18.3 bln cu ft, or by 5.3%. The ratio of Holding’s oil reserve replacement, which is estimated as the ratio of recoverable proved oil reserve increment (268.6 mln bbl) to the 2014 oil production volume (118.2 mln bbl), is equal to 2.27 under the SEC LOF standards. In 2014, the Company discovered 29 new hydrocarbon deposits in the Tailakovsy, Vatinsky, Severo-Ostrovnoi, Severo-Pokursky and Zapadno-Ust-Balyksky license areas of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area-Yugra and in the Tersko-Kamovsky license area of the Kransoyarsk region..